Advanced Breast Cancer Testing

Breast cancer – a term that evokes a myriad of emotions. Fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and hope are just a few that surge within countless women and their loved ones every year. We get it. It’s daunting to think of a potential diagnosis and even more challenging to navigate the complex maze of medical testing and […]

Pollution and Breast Cancer: Is There a Correlation

Breast cancer is a reality that touches many lives, and the possibility that our environment, specifically pollution, could play a role in this disease is a cause of understandable anxiety and frustration. The fear is not just about the disease itself but also about the myriad of ways it can impact your life – from […]

Dallas Breast Cancer Surgeon

Breast cancer, a complex and deeply personal journey, impacts countless lives each year. In the midst of this challenge, finding the right care and expertise is paramount. This is where Texas Breast Center, under the leadership of Dr. Valerie J. Gorman, emerges as a beacon of hope and excellence. Dr. Gorman, a renowned breast surgeon […]

How soon will I need surgery after breast cancer diagnosis?

When faced with a breast cancer diagnosis, patients have many questions that immediately come to mind. Dr. Gorman is often asked how soon surgery needs to be performed after a breast cancer diagnosis. While each situation is unique, this article will give a basic explanation of the general guidelines for when surgery should be performed […]

Breast Cancer Causes: Lifestyle Risks

Breast cancer remains one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers worldwide, making understanding its causes, particularly those related to lifestyle, incredibly important. Despite advancements in cancer research, prevention, and care, many are unaware of the significant role that lifestyle choices, such as diet, exercise, and alcohol consumption, play in the development of this disease. Dr. […]

Breast Cancer Causes: Hormone-Related Risks

Breast cancer, a predominant concern in women’s health, has roots traced to an array of causes and risk factors. One of the key risk factors is found in the complex relationship between hormones and the development of breast cancer. This intricate connection plays a vital role in understanding the disease and managing potential risks. At Texas […]

Breast Cancer Causes: Gender Influencing Causes

Breast cancer, a widespread condition that affects millions of people worldwide, is not indiscriminate. Its incidence and course are shaped by a myriad of factors—genetic predispositions, environmental exposures, lifestyle choices, and more. Yet, among these various influences, one factor plays an especially profound role: gender. This disease does not see all genders as equal. It […]

Breast Cancer Causes: Age Related Risks

Dr. Gorman’s unwavering commitment to delivering unmatched and customized healthcare consistently leads the way in comprehending the complex nature of breast cancer. Our primary goal at Texas Breast Center is to foster an informed community, one that is equipped with the knowledge needed to prevent, detect, and address breast cancer efficiently. It’s with this vision […]

Breast Cancer Causes: Family History Risks  

Breast cancer, a condition marked by uncontrolled cell growth in the breast tissue, continues to be one of the primary health challenges faced by women in the United States and worldwide. It is a journey that no woman should have to embark on alone, and it’s one that demands a wealth of understanding, particularly about […]

What is the difference in long-term outcomes between lumpectomy and mastectomy procedures when performed by a skilled surgeon?

A breast cancer diagnosis can bring about an overwhelming amount of decisions to be made. First and foremost on most patients’ minds is what are the treatment options and which have the best long-term outcomes. Choosing a doctor that you feel comfortable having open and honest communication with will help alleviate some of the stress […]

Breast Cancer Causes: Genetic Mutations

Breast cancer is the most common among cancers in women worldwide, with an estimated 2.3 million new cases diagnosed in 2020 alone. While there are many factors that can contribute to the development of breast cancer, one of the most important is genetics. Certain genetic mutations can significantly increase a person’s risk of developing Breast […]

Insurance Coverage for DIEP Flap Procedures

At Texas Breast Center, Dr. Gorman is dedicated to offering breast cancer patients the most cutting-edge, individualized, and targeted breast surgery and breast cancer treatments available. Because of this, she partners with other doctors to offer her patients a team approach to their treatment and recovery. She expertly guides patients through the process of determining the […]

Treating Breast Cancer in Older Adults

Several forms of breast cancer are more likely to develop as people age. However, improvements in diagnosis and highly customized treatment regimens are raising the likelihood of recovery for elderly women and enabling many to lead longer, healthier lives despite developing breast cancer. There are several treatment choices for older adults with breast cancer that […]

The Stages of Breast Cancer

Following a breast cancer diagnosis, medical professionals will look to see whether and how far the disease has spread. Staging is the term for this process. The cancer’s stage indicates how much cancer is present in the body. Determining the stage helps doctors evaluate the cancer’s severity and the most effective course of treatment. When discussing survival statistics, […]

Benefits of Breast Cancer Awareness: Resources, Information, and Support

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in October, and not only should you wear pink this month, but you should also learn what you can do to inform yourself, your friends, and your family about the risk factors and symptoms of breast cancer. It also involves offering assistance to those who have received a medical […]

Does Every Breast Cancer Patient Need Surgery?

Many breast cancer patients wonder if surgery is always a required step in breast cancer treatment. In early-stage breast cancer, studies are finding that there are often breast cancer chemotherapy drugs and radiation treatments that are quite effective at eliminating cancer cells and reducing the amount of breast cancer surgery. At Texas Breast Center, our […]

BioZorb® Implant Side Effects

The BioZorb® is a 3D implanted tumor bed marker created for patients with breast cancer to mark the breast cancer surgical excision site accurately. It consists of a spiral three-dimensional bioabsorbable framework embedded with six permanent titanium surgical clips. The BioZorb® offers 3-dimensional breast radiation treatment targeting and is available in various sizes from 2-5cm, […]

Habits that May Lead to Breast Cancer

Around the globe, breast cancer affects millions of women. One in eight women is predicted to have breast cancer during their lifetime in the United States alone. While there are several risk factors that you can’t control, such as a family history of breast cancer or dense breast tissue, there are certain behaviors and lifestyle choices that […]

Dr. Valerie Gorman Faculty for Women in Breast Surgery

Hologic’s women in breast surgery conference Dr. Valerie Gorman, MD, FACS, a Waxahachie-based breast surgeon specializing in surgical oncology and surgical diseases of the breast, was selected for faculty at the prestigious Women in Breast Surgery conference. The Tampa, Florida-based conference was sponsored by Hologic, a groundbreaking enterprise designed to support women’s health by providing […]

Breast Cancer Awareness: A History

March is officially known as Women’s History Month! To celebrate women, the incredible things they have endured throughout history, and to highlight the value of their wellbeing, let’s examine breast cancer awareness throughout history. You are likely to see an influx of this information during October, but Dr. Valerie Gorman of Texas Breast Center emphasizes […]

Black Women and Breast Cancer

Black History Month Officially recognized in 1976, February is dedicated as Black History Month in the United States of America. Commemorating the victories and legacies of African Americans and recognizing the hardships they have faced throughout our history, it is a pinnacle time of awareness and memorialization in the lives of American citizens. In honor […]

How Breast Cancer is Diagnosed

No one is excited to get a mammogram or go through other breast cancer screening tests. However, keeping on top of breast health and regular screening can be life-saving. The sooner breast cancer is diagnosed, the better the outcome is more likely to be. First Steps Keeping on top of regular breast self-checks, yearly mammograms, […]

Breast Cancer Recurrence: New Data in 2022

In layman’s terms, breast cancer recurrence happens when cancer has come back after treatment. When a number of breast cancer cells evade initial treatment and later aggregate, they cause the cancer to return despite months or even years of remission. It is important to note that a minimum of a year must pass between the […]

Breast Cancer in Men

Breast cancer is represented by the pink ribbon. Research is fundraised through walks decked out in pink, and breast cancer awareness gear can be found covered in slogans like “big or small, save them all” or better yet, “fight like a girl.” And while the runs, marches, and merchandise can go a long way in […]

Breast Cancer in Transgender People

Breast cancer is a vicious disease that is far more prevalent than we would like. One in eight women will receive a breast cancer diagnosis in their life, and one in one thousand men receive the same. However, more rarely discussed when mentioning these statistics is the risk of breast cancer for transgender people. Transgender […]

History of Breast Cancer

March is Women’s History Month. The history of women and the history of breast cancer go hand in hand. But how far back does the history of breast cancer go? How long have we known about it, and how long have we been able to treat it? This article will discuss treatments and diagnoses of […]

Breast Cancer Screening

An essential part of breast cancer awareness and breast cancer prevention is breast cancer screening. Screening takes many forms, from the self-breast check to the breast MRI, but all play their part. These screening examinations provide an opportunity to catch signs and symptoms of breast cancer, as well as lumps, early so that treatment options […]

Breast Cancer Risk Factors

What is a Risk Factor? A breast cancer diagnosis can seemingly come out of nowhere for many patients. However, many things that could have made this diagnosis (or any potential diagnosis) far more likely for some patients than others. These little details in lives are known as risk factors. Some factors are a part of […]

Breast Cancer Recurrence: What and Why?

When breast cancer comes backs, it is called recurrence. While those who have a recurrence are not in the majority, they are certainly not a rarity or an impossibility. Recurrences typically happen within the first five years after treatment but can occur at any time and have a few ways of returning. To help ease […]

Breast Density FAQs

After a mammogram, some women find out they have dense breasts. They come to me with questions about what that means, how it affects their risk for breast cancer, and what they should do differently. Here’s how I answer the questions I hear most often.   What does it mean to have dense breasts? It’s […]

What is Breast Cancer?

While most people are familiar with the idea and repercussions of breast cancer, not everyone may know what exactly breast cancer is or how it comes to be. Kinds of Breast Cancer Put simply, breast cancer is the continued growth of abnormal cells in the area of the breast. This area can include the ducts […]

The FDA Granted Approval for New Breast Cancer Medication

The FDA, or U.S. Food and Drug Administration has recently approved two new medications for breast cancer treatments. The approval for these treatments was expedited due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of these medications targets metastatic triple-negative breast cancer, while the other targets HER2-positive  cancers. Richard Pazdur, the director of the FDA’s Oncology Center for […]

New Study Associates Dairy Milk Intake With Increased Breast Cancer Risk

A recent study by the researchers at Loma Linda University Health has discovered a link between dairy milk and an increased risk of breast cancer. The study called Dairy, soy, and risk of breast cancer: those confounded milks was published to the International Journal of Epidemiology. The study used a participation group of 52,795 North American women with […]

Texas Breast Center’s Covid-19 Safe Care

Dr. Gorman and the Texas Breast Center are still taking patients, but understand that there is hesitance in this time of COVID-19. To help ease fears and discomfort for patients, we have implemented certain safety measures, following Baylor Scott & White’s COVID-19 Safe Care Plan. In-Office Policies While some things have changed in the processes […]

Exploring New Findings in Breast Cancer Research

The week of December 10, Dr. Valerie Gorman attended the annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium to give a poster presentation for her research in 5-day SBRT radiation. This symposium is an opportunity for those involved in breast cancer research to share what they have learned. The SABCS’ stated objective states that the conference “is […]

Breast Reconstruction Surgery: A Team Approach

Dr. Valerie Gorman, MD, FACS, is a breast cancer surgeon, board-certified by the American Board of Surgery. She specializes in surgical diseases of the breast and surgical oncology, serving as the Chief of Surgery and Medical Director of Surgical Services at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Waxahachie, Texas. As she helps her patients […]

Breast Self Exam: What to Look For

Last month was breast cancer awareness month, a time to highlight the importance of cancer screening and breast health. The Center for Disease Control has named breast cancer as the most common cancer for women in the United States. Approximately 12% (that is, 1 in every eight women) will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer […]

The Path to Breast Cancer Surgery Recovery

Breast cancer and accompanying treatment can be a grueling experience, both physically and emotionally. And while relief can come with successful surgery, recovery can difficult. Here is some information about what to expect from recovery and a few tips to make it easier. Your Hospital Stay After surgery, you will stay in the hospital for […]

The Cost of Breast Cancer Treatment: What are the Contributing Factors?

In a recent survey of patients diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer, 38% said they were worried about finances due to their treatment. 14% said that their breast cancer cost them at least 10% of their household income. 17% said that they had spent even more than that 10% on out-of-pocket medical expenses. When doctors, surgeons, […]

What is Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery?

When someone is first diagnosed with breast cancer, their first concern is not often about their appearance. They might first consider prognosis. Can the surgeons get the cancer out? What are the treatment options? But if surgery is necessary, the cosmetic applications are a consideration. Your breast cancer team wants you to have the best […]

The BioZorb Marker Could Help Post-Surgical Breast Cancer Results and Clinical Imaging

What is BioZorb? The BioZorb marker is a medical device meant to be implanted in the surgical site. Thanks to its open structure, it can be stitched into place by breast surgeons to avoid movement and allow the surrounding tissue to grow around the device after the procedure. The marker has six titanium clips that […]

An Overview of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

What is Invasive Ductal Carcinoma? If you have received a cancer diagnosis of invasive ductal carcinoma, you may not understand what that means. You may, like any of us would be, be scared. As one of the most common types of breast cancer, invasive ductal carcinoma–IDC–accounts for about 80% of all breast cancers. Also called […]

Valerie Gorman, MD Presents With Hologic at 20th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Breast Surgeons

Breast surgeon Dr. Valerie Gorman presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Breast Surgeons. Hologic, Inc. (Nasdaq: HOLX) will showcase its growing breast surgery franchise, which includes products such as the new Trident® HD specimen radiography system, LOCalizer ™ wire-free guidance system and the BioZorb ® marker, in Booth #103 at the […]

FAQs About Mastectomy

What are the types of mastectomy?   Simple/Total Mastectomy–The entire breast is removed; lymph nodes and muscle are not removed. Radical Mastectomy–The entire breast is removed, this time including the pectoral muscles and lymph nodes extending under the arm. This is rarely done today. Modified Radical Mastectomy–Removes the entire breast including the lymph nodes; Double […]

FDA Warns Against Robotic Surgery for Breast Cancer, Updated

FDA General Warning The FDA released a warning about using robots in surgeries. Since then, the da Vinci surgical robot has been brought to the forefront by many news networks. Over its history, it has had many successes, but more notable are its failings. While it has only been in use for twenty years, the […]

Mastitis and Inflammatory Breast Cancer: Things You Should Know

What is Mastitis? Mastitis (commonly known as ‘Lactation or Puerperal Mastitis,’ terms related to post childbirth) is an infection that occurs in the breast tissue. This condition is often caused by tears around the nipple, obstructed milk ducts, or improperly drained milk; this is a common occurrence with breastfeeding mothers and new mothers who have […]

How Can I Improve My Self-Image After Breast Cancer?

Body image issues are real concerns for women cancer patients that can impact self-esteem and mental health. You may view your body and yourself differently after breast cancer. Give yourself time to adjust. It takes time to adapt, so remember to treat yourself with compassion and kindness. Talking with others who have been in similar […]

Is Chemotherapy Necessary Before or After Breast Cancer Surgery, or At All?

Chemotherapy is an effective way to treat and prevent the spread of breast cancer, but new research suggests it is not always necessary. A recent study found that breast cancer has been highly over treated with chemotherapy and doctors can now confidently provide an alternative treatment known as Endocrine Therapy. However, each patient is different […]

What To Say To Someone With Breast Cancer

When someone gets diagnosed with breast cancer, the world can seem a very lonely place; there is no right or wrong way to react, everyone is an individual and will cope with challenges differently. An issue that many patients have talked about is the reactions of their friends and family, once they do summon up […]

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy Procedure: Key Facts You Need To Know

Cancer is perhaps the scariest word in the dictionary, capable of striking fear into the heart of anyone who hears it inside of a second. Part of the problem is that the minute a doctor says that word, anything that he or she says subsequently becomes a total blur. It is like the patient is […]