Texas Breast Center Shares New Possible Link Between Dairy Milk & Breast Cancer

Dr. Gorman at Texas Breast Center shared the results of a recent study by the researchers at Loma Linda University Health in an article, New study associates diary milk intake with increased breast cancer risk. A link may have been found between dairy milk intake and breast cancer. While she was not involved in the study, Dr. Gorman takes pride in keeping her patients and everyone who needs it informed. She keeps an eye on new research and upcoming news to spread and inform.

The connection between dairy milk and breast cancer may come from “the sex hormone content of dairy milk. Because cows are lactating when their milk is collected, approximately 75% of a dairy herd is usually pregnant. Breast cancer in women is hormone-responsive” which increases the risk of breast and other cancers.

In her article, Dr. Gorman discusses the risk increase amount depending on the amount of dairy milk consumed and what that actually means for a person. She also talks about the difference between dairy and non-dairy (soy, almond, etc.) milks and how that effects the risks–specifically, that non-dairy milks do not seem to have the same risk that dairy milks do.

The Texas Breast Center in Waxahachie and Dr. Gorman are happy to answer any questions in regards to your risk as well as help you through your next steps with breast cancer.