Fluid Collection After Breast Surgery – Seroma

News Headline: Fluid Collection After Breast Surgery – Seroma Article Description: Fluid collection following breast surgery is one of the more frequent side effects, and the purpose of this article is to explain what causes it, to try and give our readers some idea of what to expect and then how it is treated. Published Date: 2018-05-19T20:27:00 Modified Date: 2020-02-04 Image URL: https://www.texasbreastcenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/seroma-subtle-pink.jpg Image Width: 1485 Image Height: 1485 Publisher Name: Texas Breast Center Logo URL: https://www.texasbreastcenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/xZIqhoS8jmtMIxDbARCUGAVFDia4KDbL0ARE7OVk-1.jpeg Logo Width: 302 Logo Height: 302