Breast Cancer Surgeon

For many women, the first time they even considered the role of a breast surgeon, is when they are referred to one by their general practitioner. This may be due to an irregular mammogram result, or some other underlying problem in the breast, and it is only natural for a woman to feel some apprehension.

What Is A Breast Surgeon (Breast Cancer Surgeon)?

A breast surgeon is usually a skilled general surgeon who has chosen to specialize in the field of breast surgery and breast cancer. For many surgeons, this leads to exclusively working or dealing with breast issues, and no longer practicing other forms of surgery. A breast surgeon differs from a plastic surgeon in that his or her primary specialty is dealing with breast cancer and diseases of the breast, yet cosmetic outcomes are always given strong consideration.

Although breast surgeons perform large numbers of surgical operations, surgery is not the only treatment available, and the various types of treatment and their combinations are something that every patient should be provided the opportunity to discuss before any decision is made.

A breast surgeon undertakes significant training to enable them to evaluate and then treat patients. These include but are not limited to assisting women who are suffering from breast pain, treating lumps, cysts and other breast abnormalities. The treatment for many of these problems has altered significantly in recent years, thanks to advances in technology, knowledge and understanding. Dr. Gorman believes in utilizing a holistic approach to treatment, which is why she personally treats all of her patients from the first appointment.

Dr. Gorman is always keen to provide a comprehensive treatment plan. Each case is unique, and a recommended plan will be created that is tailored and optimized for your personal situation. She regularly utilizes breast ultrasound, to provide her with as much information as possible. A good breast surgeon has three priorities

  • Deal with the initial problem professionally to minimize or remove the problem
  • Consider and evaluate all of the treatment options and their likelihood of success before contemplating surgery
  • If surgery is needed, them implement it in such a way as to reduce the impact and cosmetic appearance post operation.

The American Society of Breast Surgeons

Although not all breast surgeons are a member of the American Society of Breast Surgeons, any breast surgeon who has chosen to become a member is demonstrating their commitment and particular interest in breast surgery. As a member, surgeons are exposed to the latest educational training, through an exclusive website, can attend the annual conference, and even have the opportunity to enroll in the Breast Education Self-Assessment Program.

Dr. Gorman is a proud member of the American Society of Breast Surgeons.

Why Choose Dr. Gorman As Your Breast Surgeon?

Valerie Gorman, MD FACS has been a breast surgeon for many years, and in that time has developed a great deal of knowledge and experience. For Dr. Gorman, continuity and the confidence and understanding of the patient are essential to ensuring that the best results are achieved.

As a new patient attending your first visit, and every subsequent visit, you will be seen by Dr. Gorman. Continual care, support, and explanations are the foundation of every treatment option offered at Texas Breast Center.

On your first visit, Dr. Gorman will provide an examination and extrapolate all of the relevant information from your mammogram. She will then slowly walk you through the findings of those results, and what they mean, using everyday language. This will then form the basis of the discussion, with the various options and choices being explained, providing suggestions and answering any questions that you may have. Every woman will react differently to the situation, which is why every woman is given the time to ask those questions in a comfortable environment.

If surgery is the best form of treatment available in the circumstance, then Dr. Gorman will explain where she would contemplate performing the surgery. This gives the patient a better understanding of the potential scars that will remain, although Dr. Gorman will, where possible, attempt to cause minimal scarring and try to ensure that the scars are in the least visible areas of the body as possible. This procedure is called Hidden Scar™ Breast Surgery. Dr. Gorman is one of a handful of breast surgeons performing this procedure in North Texas. The incision may include areas such as underneath the armpit, or directly underneath the breast where the breast meets the body. It is this type of planning and attention to detail–care about your overcoming cancer and the cosmetic outcomes–that many of her patients have commented positively on over the years.

Compassionate Care

There are many factors to be considered when discussing treatment of breast diseases including cancer. An excellent breast surgeon not only needs to have the technical skills and expertise to master this delicate and often complicated surgery but, that surgeon also needs to have the capacity to meet the emotional needs of their patient as well. Any and all forms of surgery can be very daunting for the patient, but for many women, breast surgery can be both emotionally and physically demanding which is why choosing a surgeon with whom you have built a good connection is so vital. This is why Dr. Gorman places such value on building relationships with her patients and continuing to provide that connection post operation.

Continual Training and Learning

Medicine by its very nature is constantly evolving and changing, and new treatments and breakthroughs are continually being discovered. Dr. Gorman is a passionate and enthusiastic student of medicine and has always sought to keep up to date with all of the latest advances in medicine, for the benefit of her patients. This includes reading medical journals and other publications, conducting research of her own, and attending medical conventions where the latest medical breakthroughs are demonstrated and explained.

Dr. Gorman is passionate about the treatments she performs and focuses on delivering a high standard of treatment, from the first time her patients walk through the door. She surrounded herself with an excellent multi-disciplinary team, including a medical oncologist, a radiation oncologist, and a plastic surgeon.

While a breast surgeon needs to be someone who is a very skilled surgeon, the importance of building trust and understanding in addition to that skill set cannot be underestimated. This is what Dr. Gorman strives for with every patient. Contact our team today, and schedule your appointment with Texas Breast Center.